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This is one of the best thing ive ever played. You play a dinosaur thats running from extinction.

enjoy (your DOOOM!)




Once more, with feeling

Ok 3 more for now,

Cave Story
Seriously the best platformer ever. Its like megaman and castlevania had a nightmarish freak baby on crack. LINK!

Best topdownscrolling-plane-arcade-shooter ever made. Has some great music too.
Download here

Football superstars
A first person football game that Hugo invented long ago and they totally stole the idea from him.
lovely pictures here

Its not yet released but theres a BETA signup! Early bird gets the worm (although the second mouse gets the cheese) 


This is a relatively easy and very enoyable cardgame i posted before. Now theyve released the multiplayer beta. Download it, Sign up and post your player name in the comments here. Lets have some fantasy card battles! (like the goddamm nerds we are)

We’re back!

were we gone? does anyone care? no yes maybe?

anyway, Ive been playing EVE – online a lot. Right now theres a trial that lets you play for free for 14 days. If you sign up, let me know and ill give you some stuff.

No games in this post because the sun is shining like ITS THE END OF TIME/SPACE AS WE KNOW IT AAIIEIEIEI!