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This is one of the best thing ive ever played. You play a dinosaur thats running from extinction.

enjoy (your DOOOM!)



Once more, with feeling

Ok 3 more for now,

Cave Story
Seriously the best platformer ever. Its like megaman and castlevania had a nightmarish freak baby on crack. LINK!

Best topdownscrolling-plane-arcade-shooter ever made. Has some great music too.
Download here

Football superstars
A first person football game that Hugo invented long ago and they totally stole the idea from him.
lovely pictures here

Its not yet released but theres a BETA signup! Early bird gets the worm (although the second mouse gets the cheese) 


This is a relatively easy and very enoyable cardgame i posted before. Now theyve released the multiplayer beta. Download it, Sign up and post your player name in the comments here. Lets have some fantasy card battles! (like the goddamm nerds we are)

We’re back!

were we gone? does anyone care? no yes maybe?

anyway, Ive been playing EVE – online a lot. Right now theres a trial that lets you play for free for 14 days. If you sign up, let me know and ill give you some stuff.

No games in this post because the sun is shining like ITS THE END OF TIME/SPACE AS WE KNOW IT AAIIEIEIEI!


Ninja Game day.

Since my brother suddenly decided today would be Ninja game day, I started looking for some cool ninja games. Twas an adventurous quest, and I even found some cool links, NINJA LINKS THAT IS!

An actually really cool game, if you have a lot of spare time..
I am serious ninja, this is serious game!

FLYING NINJA! Yep, that’s all it is.
Just hold A

Really simple but cool ninja game. Thanks to Zors
Too many Ninja’s!

More games coming up later 🙂

Ragdollicious! [UPDATE]

Just a quickie, check out these ragdoll games.

Stair dismount with a truck

Drunken sumowrestling


-UPDATE: When talking about ragdoll games, this one can’t be left out: Ragdoll masters.

Have fun!.


If its free I gots to have it!

This link leads to a wonderful collection of freeware remakes of games. The games are usually from the C64 era of computer games (space invaders, centipede). If that isn’t your cup of tea you should go here. Its a collection of new freeware and shareware.

Tommorow is “post a ninja game” day! I have decided.



Here’s an essay I had to write for school, I thought it would be lulz to post it here. Hope you like it 🙂


Videogames don’t kill people, people do.

When something terrible happens people need an explanation, this is a logical reaction but it often results in a mistake. Take the Virginia tech massacre for example: A 23-year-old student called Cho Seung-Hui shot 32 teachers and fellow students. After doing this, he shot himself before the police got to him. After investigating his room, they found that Cho used to play videogames, and this of course had a lot to do with the shooting. So according to the police, playing videogames now results in running into your college building wielding two handguns while shooting your fellow students.

You’d think that any human being with an IQ higher than two digits would laugh at this and start looking for the real reason. Of course people understand that videogames aren’t the sole motivation, but there are still a lot of people that think it has a big influence. I’m not one of them. For me, videogames are a way of relaxing. After a long day at school or a hard night at work it helps to go online and shoot a few people, it just makes falling asleep a lot easier, you know?

Aside from the fact that it clearly doesn’t affect me (you’re still alive aren’t you?), it’s just another accusation based on nothing other than fear and despair. We’ve all seen it happening with music, movies and TV. Actually, some of those are still going strong; people who listen to Marilyn Manson are bound to pick up a gun someday, right? A clockwork Orange ruined an entire generation and Jackass is probably responsible for half of America’s inmates.

That just made me think of another reason: why do you think Americans are especially so keen on blaming the media and now games? It takes the attention away from their precious magnums and awesome AK-47’s. Most Americans are very attached to their firearms, and even the ones that think maybe America should do something about the gun laws say: “Hell no! I aint givin up my shotgun!”

How about looking at yourself before blaming ‘the new things that those darn kids do nowadays’. I might want to stop myself here though or it’ll get a little cliché and nobody wants that, I, unlike some other people, like to keep my credibility by sounding somewhat, I don’t know, smart?

What I’m trying to say is, I like to pwn n00bs, I really do. And there will be hell to pay before some stupid people will take this away from me, just because of some idiotic reason with no facts to back it up. Not even a religious one (I’m very glad God is so ignorant about videogames). So next time you got a mentally ill boy like Cho at one end of the street, and a gun shop at the other, you do the math.

Wasting Time 02-08

This will be a returning post every month or so. It’s basically the results of my neverending search for casual “just to waste some time” games.

The games
The best thing to happen to flash games in a long time.
Cactus games are weird and short. Just like midgets.
Magic the gathering meets simple cardgame.
Bestselling casual game by Popcap. Horribly addictive.

Any suggestions are very welcome, post them as comments.